• 18 Ekim 2020
  • Sankon
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The President of the Industrialist Businessmen and Businesswomen Confederation (SANKON), Mr. Ferudun Cevahiroğlu, visited the Embassy of Georgia in Ankara.
SANKON President, Mr. Ferudun Cevahiroğlu, was accepted by Ambassador George Janjgava during his visit to the Georgian Embassy in Ankara. Mr. Ferudun Cevahiroğlu in his speech, “With regards to the economic and trade relations between Turkey and Georgia; SANKON’s new board of directors is willing to do whatever it takes to strengthen the relations between the two countries” he said. He then referred to the deep-rooted historical relations between the two countries by saying, “Turkey and Georgia have been allied countries for a long time”.
Mr. George Janjgava, Ambassador of Georgia to Ankara, said “First of all, thank you very much for your visit to the Georgian Ankara Embassy”. He continued, “our economic and trade relations with Turkey are powerful and these relations will be further strengthen with the investment of the member companies of the SANKON organization”.

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