• 18 Ekim 2020
  • Sankon
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The delegation headed by SANKON General President Mr.Ferudun Cevahiroğlu found courtesy during their visit to The Embassy of Angola in Ankara.
Mr.Cevahiroğlu in speech during the visit; “Mr. Ambassador, I would like to thank you for your acceptance. SANKON is Turkey and the world’s largest Civil Society Organization. SANKON is a strong organization with our representatives in 81 provinces in our country and hundreds of countries around the world. It has a respectable place in the business world with the African Union and Arab League Conferences which organized. SANKON is an organization that makes the strongest investments with our affiliated businessmen. In this meaning, to improve the trade capacity between Turkey and Angola, We are prepared to invest in many fields in Angola. I believe that our business people’s bilateral and delegation meetings will bring this trade capacity to the desired level.” he Said
Ambassador Mr. Patricio in his speech, “I welcome you on behalf of my country. Your visit made me very satisfied. I know SANKON and you from the African Union Conference in 2017. I watch your works with pleasure. I would be delighted that Turkish companies invest in my country under your leadership. Our doors are always open to you. We are waiting for your companies for all kinds of investments. Our friendship with Turkey will further develop our strong bilateral trade and economic relations. ” he expressed his satisfaction with the visit.
In the Courtesy visit of SANKON’s President Mr.Feridun Cevahiroğlu, Mr. Ambassador and All admins of SANKON.

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