• 18 Ekim 2020
  • Sankon
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Undersecretary of Embassy of Pakistan, was ​​welcomed with great sincerity by the SANKON delegation, he expressed his feeling due to the interest that was showen and good hospitality.
In his speeches Mr. Undersecretary stated that he was very pleased to be at SANKON Headquarters.
He stated that SANKON’s companies in terms of the development of trade relations between Turkey and Pakistan and that all kinds of convenience will be provided.
Mr. Undersecretary also stated that they need investment especially in energy fields. SANKON stated that their companies can operate in this field.
Mr.Muhammad ARSHAD said Pakistan and Turkey  is a two brothers country. And added that brotherhood ties can be strengthened with trade and that every step will be taken towards the development of trade relations  will be supported.
SANKON General President Mr. Ferudun Cevahiroğlu said in his welcoming speech at the meeting “ At first, SANKON is your home, and welcome to your home”
added in his speech that the bonds of two friendly and brother countries are very strong, considering the potential of the two countries, the trade volume of $ 1 billion is very small and It should be upgraded very quickly he said.
He said that companies affiliated with SANKON will serve Pakistan in infrastructure, superstructure transportation, energy and many other fields. Mr. Cevahiroğlu, Pakistan – Turkey is like a one body  with two heads, our friendship and brotherhood is based on the depth of history. Pakistan has always been with us tangible and spiritually and SANKON Companies will always be with Pakistan and the people of Pakistan.
Dear undersecretary; As SANKON family, we convey our love and greetings to the people of Pakistan. Our companies, which have a proactive and dynamic structure, will show all kinds of sacrifices for the development and prosperity of Pakistan. Your visit to our headquarters pleased us.
“I commemorate the founder of the spiritual leader of the Pakistani people, the great leader of the Pakistani people, Muhammet Ali Jinnah, and our national poet Muhammad Iqbal with respect and mercy”.
With this phrase, “I believe that our trade volume will reach the levels we want as soon as possible, and I convey my respect and greetings again” President Mr. Cevahiroğlu ended his speech.

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