• 18 Ekim 2020
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The General President of the Industrialist Businesswomen and Businessmen Confederation (SANKON) Mr. Ferudun Cevahiroğlu was accepted by Mr. Faleh Majed Almutairi the Ambassador of the Arab League in Ankara.
In his speech, the ambassador of the Arab League Mr. Faleh Majed Almutairi “First of all, I would like to congratulate you and your team for being elected as the President of SANKON” said.
Mr. Faleh Majed Almutairi added in his speech, “The cooperation between the Arab League and the Industrialist Businesswomen and Businessmen Confederation (SANKON) has started in 2014 and continues until this date”
The ambassador Mr.Faleh Majed Almutairi said in his speech, “referring to political, economic, cultural and trade relations, Arab countries and Turkey are brother countries. Turkey is a very important country for Arab countries. We have a huge trade volume, and the same cultures. Middle East geography is an active area, even if tensions between some Arab countries and Turkey some times occur, we overcome these problems by engaging in diplomatic relations and dialogues.” said
SANKON’s General President Mr. Ferudun Cevahiroğlu during the visit in his speech; SANKON’s new board of directors in order to contribute to the economic, trade, political and cultural relations between Arab countries and Turkey will continue to work with great determination, he said.
Mr.Ferudun Cevahiroğlu continued, “As SANKON, we closely follow the developments in the Middle East. As a new board of directors, we will continue to support the independence of the Palestinian State with great determination, to defend the rights of the Palestinian people in the face of the international community, and to support the establishment of a fully independent State of Palestinian in the Middle East and during my presidency, our cooperation with the Arab League will continue with great determination.”
Kingdom of Bahrain, United Arab Emirate, Algeria, Djibouti, Kingdom of Morocco, State of Palestine, Iraq, Qatar, Comoros, Kuwait, Libya, Lebanon, Egypt, Mauritania, Sultanate of Oman, Somalia, Sudan, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Yemen, Syrian membership has been suspended.

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