• 18 Ekim 2020
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The President of the Industrialist Businesswomen and Businessmen Confederation (SANKON) Mr. Ferudun Cevahiroğlu made a visit to Ambassidor Mourad Adjabi, who has recently been appointed to the Algerian Embassy in Ankara.
SANKON President, Mr. Ferudun Cevahiroğlu, congratulated the Ambassador, Mourad Adjabi, on his new appointment as the Ambassidor of the Algerian State in Ankara.
Mr. Ferudun Cevahiroğlu said in his speech at the Algerian Embassy in Ankara, “the economic and trade relations between our countries are at the highest level and as a member of the board of directors in SANKON I would like to say that we are prepared to expand the level of cooperation in all areas and strengthen the relationship between Turkey and Algeria”, he said.
The Ambassidor of the Algerian state to Turkey, Mr. Mourad Adjabi, said in his speech, “I would like to first thank you for your visit to the Algerian Embassy in Ankara”. The ambassidor added, “Turkey and Algeria are allied countries and their nations see themselves as brothers”. He also added, “I believe that working with such a strong organization like SANKON would strengthen the relationships between our countries even more”.
During his visit to the Algerian Embassy in Ankara, the President of SANKON, Mr. Ferudun Cevahiroğl, was accompanied by his sector advisors.

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